Happy cat day Parsifal!

Happy cat day Parsifal!

Nel giorno della festa del gatto ho pensato a un post “fuori tema”, con qualche foto di Parsifal e della nostra tavola preparata per il té. Buona festa micione!

(EN) I thought of a post off topic” fot the cat day, with some pictures of Parsifal and the our table set for tea. Happy cat day Parsifal!


14 pensieri su “Happy cat day Parsifal!

  1. I love that you chose to write about your cats on cat day. I wish that I had known cat day was a real thing because, if I had, I would have totally participated in the holiday. Or… uh… the paw-liday?

    I know that you mentioned the feast of the cat but I am not entirely sure what that celebration entails. I hope it was a good day!


    Mi piace


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